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** UPDATE **  The shirts are now available for purchase!  There are 2 options for getting your shirt:

If you want it soonhttp://www.printfection.com/paul-duane-merch This is a print on demand service. I just got my shirt from them, and it looks great. Shirts start at $31. This option will take about 10 days including delivery

If you can wait:  I have a second source for the shirts. This method will be slower, but they are less money. Shirts starting at $15  Click here to order your shirt. This option will take an estimated 3 – 4 weeks.

Please specify size desired


AAAAND… we now have an official Beer Mug. Awesome.  See it here.


WTF do I have a t shirt, anway?

Someone has said “Fuck You Paul Duane” to me several times during the past few days…. and you know, it has kind of a nice ring to it!  My cousin Melissa had the idea to make a shirt out of it to promote my blog / other work.  If this is lame, I totally understand. If you would want one, leave a comment and if enough people like it, I’ll look into printing some up. I know this might sound like some of my traditional hyperbole, but I’m being totally serious. I’d like to make them as economically as possible, so let’s see how many we would need for a first run.















    1. Hi Stacey, It certainly could come in a ladie’s cut t shirt. I’m just feeling out what the demand is so I can figure out if this would be worth doing or not. My initial estimate is that they would run for about $12 each.

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