I’d go back to church for this.

I just had a dream. It was an AMAZING dream.

Somehow Zak and I ended up at an LDS church via skateboard. (It’s worth noting right now that Zak hates 90% of the music I love, including the next two bands I mention).  When we got there, the band YES was playing in the chapel! It was a kind of special sacrament meeting.  After Yes played a song or two, somehow Porcupine Tree  (my 2nd favorite band on the planet, second only to RUSH ) ended up on the stand! They played “Remember Me Lover”.  People were visibly and audibly offended when he sang the lyric

” I didn’t want to feel like a slave to your mood swings / and i’m not saying anything I wouldn’t say behind your back /And all this shit could have happened to anyone / all that matters now is how you’re going to pick it up / to throw it back”

About 2 minutes away from the end of the song, people started getting up and walking out, some tried to approach Steven Wilson (the front man in Porcupine Tree) for an autograph, even though the band was still playing! I could tell he too bewildered to be offended.  I surmised that the bell hand rung, and it was time to switch over to Priesthood / Relief Society.  It was obvious that Steven Wilson didn’t know anything about LDS culture or the 3 hour meeting block schedule.

I, of course, was out of my mind excited. After the song was over, somehow he slipped out of the chapel. I ran around frantically trying to find him or Chris Squire from YES to get an autograph, to thank them for coming to church to play, and to apologize for the terrible audience manners that he had to deal with.

Chris Squire was nowhere to be found.  Steven Wilson, nowhere to be found either.  I did, however, find Gene Kennedy.

My  mother also was wandering the halls, disillusioned at how something like this could ever happen. Poor mom.


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