Acceptance Speech – 14 Feb 2010

A few nights ago, my friend Erik and I were pondering the many wonders of life… and it came up that a life well lived should feel like you are IN an awesome movie, every day… that each day should be full of excitement and intrigue.

Indeed, I feel like my life is a movie… and you are all cast members.

I was thinking about what KIND of movie my life is…
It’s definitely NOT a mainstream, cookie cutter story line. Not a chick flick (well…. it has it’s moments). It’s not an action / adventure / drama type of film either.

I think my life falls more into the “cult classic” category. My flies under the radar… is quietly subversive, full of irony, bad puns, biting social commentary, and ludicrous characters that seem to parody that which we loathe most in ourselves. The sex scenes are fantastic – as if I had read your deepest, darkest secrets… but I don’t kiss and tell – so don’t expect to ever hear about them. Oh, and the soundtrack? EPIC.

Strange Brew + Spaceballs + Pay it Forward +Fight Club + ___(insert some awesome, artsy film here)_________ + Spinal Tap = My life.

At first I thought of doing a weekly write up in a “closing credits” kind of format, but I decided that it would be too tempting to name names when it came time to give credit to characters like “asshole at work”, “douchebag at the club” and “friend who seriously needs to get a life”.

Nobody needs their worst moments immortalized. What DOES need to be immortalized are our finest moments – mine and yours… and so, I have decided to treat this column like an acceptance speech for an Academy Award.

That being said, let’s get on with giving credit where credit is due this week:
In no particular order….

I’d like to thank Jeremy Tyler for being so the kind of guy who has razor sharp intuition and overflows with good, positive, constructive energy. I love people like you. Keep that up, my friend… it will take you places. I know that you already know that. 🙂

My neighbour Maria, for bringing over a flashlight. Has anyone told you that you are beautiful today?

Big thanks for Jason Van Orden for introducing me to the concept of Mind Map software. I’ve started using mindmaps, and it has been a great tool for helping set my creativity free. I used mindmaping to do the artistic direction for a photoshoot this week, I outlined the structure of a book I am going to write, and will be using them today to get ready for an interview with a local artist tomorrow. I have a good feeling about this. I recommend Mindberry ( for the Blackberry, and Freemind ( ) for your desktop.

Nicole Atkinson – you are full of good energy and passion – I’m very excited to create these portraits of you. Thanks for coming along!

Erik Wendling – another fine week, my friend. Your positivity and centered, self secure nature are golden. Your superman comment has been on my mind all week – thank you.

Ursulla at Starbucks… thank you for admitting that Sade is hot enough to make you switch teams. That made my morning.

Karmen Samford, thanks for keeping me up waaaaaayyy too late on Monday. You are an interesting girl.

3 paw
, thank you for making this week an adventure. I got you, SUCKA.

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