11 years later…

Today is the 11th anniversary of my return from the Pennsylvania Philadelphia Mission.
Today the church announced that a temple will be built in Philadelphia.

It’s an odd thing. Though I do not agree with the premises of temple worship…

To be honest, I found myself feeling some things that suprised me. I am very, very happy for the people of Philadelphia. I worked hard, I served the best way I knew how to… I loved them the best way I knew how to. I know that temple worship means a lot to them, and to that end… I’m very joyful for their sake. I feel a sense of pride, that perhaps, some of my meager efforts, may have helped the group of believers in Philly achieve a goal that means so much to them.

Despite my ambivalence about the temple… I’m thrilled to hear that the City of Brotherly Love gets to have a sanctuary where the earnest may pray, worship, and find peace.

It is my prayer that the temple in Philadelphia will advance the cause of brotherly love in that great city.

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