I’m thinking about changing the name of my blog. That statement has most certainly been true of me at phases in my life, some of then not distant.

Today, I just want to thank the world.
I am grateful for the wonderful lunch I was able to make for myself today… cheap pasta salad spruced up with olives and marinated tuna, accompanied by a positively cheerful pinot grigio. Thank you for the sun and water that made the grapes grow for this wine, the olives, the wheat, the tomatoes. Mouthwatering strawberries, bursting with ripe flavor, finished off my lunch. Somehow, I’m fortunate enough to enjoy a batch of strawberries, in the early spring, for fraction of what I make per hour at my job. What a wonderful thing!

I put new Rotosound strings on my bass today. I have not played a fresh set of Rotosounds for… years! Honestly, it’s probably been 9 years. Luckily, it does not feel that way; my fingers feel at home, running up and down the distinctly staunch surface of these distinctive strings. My ears are delighted as my bass rings out with sounds echoing the tonal pedigree of bass gods such as Jaco Pastorius, Jack Bruce, Chris Squire, and Geddy Lee. Man, it feels good to make those sounds again.

I’m grateful for good music. As we travel around the universe on this spacecraft called earth, wandering, sometimes it seems, aimlessly- it is wonderfully comforting to discover through the universal language of music, that there are fellow travellers here that experience life the same way I do. Rush, Sound Tribe Sector 9, Seal, Porcupine Tree… these are some of my fellow travellers who feel kindred in spirit.

I’m grateful that the universe has conspired for my good. I live in a wonderful place, wonderfully positioned to work on some of my loftiest goals.

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