Hefner, Creativity, and the Purpose of Life


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Hefner, Creativity, and the Purpose of Life

One hot summer day in the desert, my friend Adam and I happened upon a camp offering refreshments of the palate and the eyes: delicious, ice cold cocktails, tea, and an assortment of vintage Playboys ranging from the late 70’s through early 2000’s, piled high on a coffee table between two dusty sofas. Oh, Burning Man… how I love you – a place where everything is possible and no idea is too silly to bring forth.
I’d like to muse over the act of creation for a moment:
Consider a jazz musician who will take the stage later tonight and thrill the audience with flashes of blazing improvisation – music that is spontaneously created on the fly – one of the most spectacilar feats of human creativity. That same musician is practicing scales, with a metronome, right now, in a highly controlled way. Working in an environment of temporary restraint has a way of preparing for blast off later.
I believe that we are higher dimensional beings having a temporarily downgraded three dimensional experience, for the purpose of learning. I believe that the purpose of life is to refine our ability to take a non-material idea, and bring it into the world of “material” three dimensions.
That’s it.
I don’t care what it is you create… whether it’s an accounting firm, or a sculpture, or a baby human, or some weird poems – everthing we do as humans is an act of creation.
When you endeavor to move something from the realm of idea into the physical plane, all manner of challenges must be overcome – several varieties of fear, being chief among them. Overcoming fear is the most fundamental goal of the human experience. Being creative is the vehicle for that.
Occasionally we encounter humans who have GRAND visions of something that never existed before, and they proceed to bring it from the realm of idea, into the world of “reality”. These creators know things about the human condition and their relationship to the abundant Universe that, statistically speaking, few other humans know.
Hugh Hefner passed away yesterday. Regardless of what you think of the merrits of his work – one must concede – this man was a master creator, conjuring an entirely new reality in his mind and bringing to fruition. How many people do that?
If I were at your funeral, Mr. Hefner, I would simply stand with ovation and clap slow claps of awe and admiration.
Well done, sir!

Catching up with Cat Palmer

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Cat Palmer is an institution of Salt Lake City, and one of my most dear friends. We’ve done many interviews on the radio, but lets be honest. The FCC regulations prevented us from ever sharing our most interesting conversations with you.

I fixed that problem.

The Paul Duane Show is now totally independently produced!  I’ve backed away from traditional broadcast radio to focus on serving my Internet radio / podcast listeners.

On today’s show, Cat and I discuss everything from her various art projects, the history of Playboy, her grooming habits “down there”, and her very first shoot featuring men.

Check out the Salt Lake Tribune’s write up on Cat’s “Last Supper” shoot:  http://www.sltrib.com/entertainment/2963981-155/salt-lake-city-photographer-sets-table




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Victory Lap

Hugh Hefner is on his victory lDI want to be a bad ass. I know it's the most un-bad ass thing to say, but I'm not gonna lie to you.

Do you ever wonder about those people who just seem to be larger than life? I do.  I want to be one of them. I’m not gonna risk looking pretentious to you and pretentiously claim that I don’t want to be a bad ass.

We all know of one of these kind of people:  They emerged from the womb winning. They are more intelligent, artistic, healthy, attractive, philosophical, patriotic, athletic, eloquent, and affluent than everyone else, without even trying. And when they DO try… whoah.  They become rock stars virtually overnight.

I’m starting to think reincarnation is real.  I have this theory:  Once you’ve lived many times and mastered all of life’s lessons, and are about to transcend to Godhood / nirvana / heaven / whatever, God gives you one more incarnation on earth:  a victory lap.

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