Should Pantyhose be Part of Professional Attire in the Summer?


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Should Pantyhose be Part of Professional Attire in the Summer?

legs1Even though business casual has enjoyed it’s heyday in the professional work environment for many years, the pendulum has been swinging back toward dressing up more for work. This often means legwear for the ladies. During the  fall, winter, and spring, it’s not too hard to justify wearing a second skin over one’s legs, but in the summer time, the question becomes more visceral. “Do I really need to wear pantyhose to work in the summer?”

In this great article by blogger Melissa Henderson, she shares some perspectives from a few high caliber women on when pantyhose / tights are needed at work.  She shares insights from a couple of different women on the subject:

Mona Lisa Jackson, Owner of Coeur Lingerie and Toy Boutique says:

“I believe that you are not fully dressed unless you have on stockings. Dressing down is one thing, but when you are getting fully dressed up—when you have your heels on, and you have somewhere that you need to go—it’s not appropriate to not have on stockings. If it’s a corporate setting, they should have stockings on. It’s unacceptable. Even in the summer? Absolutely! As much as you don’t want to hear that, and it’s hot as hell, it’s appropriate. Nowadays, I even see the newscasters doing their TV segments and they don’t wear stockings—you can tell, and it doesn’t look nice. I would recommend Fogal from Switzerland. I’m going to start carrying them soon…”

Jennifer Gach, Accessories Editor at ELLE Magazine, says:

“I think that hosiery in the summer is perfectly appropriate [especially in the workplace]. It’s more a matter of personal preference and comfort, but I think it’s best to stick to sheer options during the warmer months. Sheer, nude, or black can be nice with a summer dress—especially with a bit of texture, like a ladylike pointelle.”

Genail McKinley, a mid-level senior executive at PricewaterhouseCooper (PwC), says:

“I spend over three hundred dollars a year on stockings and I only wear them in the winter, fall, and spring. I don’t wear stockings in the summer—it’s too hot, and I like to wear open-toe heels. I usually go to Duane Reade or Century 21 for bargains. I go through like three pairs a week! They always rip; I should adapt to a better brand, but Duane Reade is everywhere! My co-workers don’t wear stockings in the summer either. That’s an after-thought. If I have a big meeting with clients, or a review, I usually just wear a pants! Case solved.”

Read the entire article here:


Review: Hue French Lace Sheers

I’ve tried a few different styles of Hue hosiery in the past, and though the product seemed to be decently made, the sizing was never quite up to par, so I have not given them much attention. I was in Macy’s recently and noticed that Hue had redesigned their packaging. I was curious if the product had been redesigned, too. Upon further inspection, I found that they had some new sizing options that looked interesting, so I picked up a pair for myself and one for a friend.

First impressions: This is a 90% nylon 10% spandex construction. In my experience, this is a yarn constituent range in which a lot of very different outcomes are possible in terms of look and feel. Sometimes it goes really well, sometimes it’s a disaster. Upon removing them from the packaging, I noticed that this is not a boarded pair of pantyhose. The most curious thing about these pantyhose is the
panty section. It’s labeled as a “french lace with invisible control top”. It might be easier to show you a picture before I try to describe the effect:

Kira Distler modeling Hue French Lace Pantyhose.

Floofie models the Hue French Lace pantyhose. Click on the photo to see an exclusive nude photo shoot of her in these pantyhose.

Yep. That’s a “french cut lace panty” along with some good old fashioned control top lines.  A complete contradiction in aesthetics. Hue failed hard here. The whole idea behind the lace panty section is to allow outfits that may show a lot of leg, so that pesky control top line doesn’t show up. I wore them with some very short dressy shorts, and occasionally when I was sitting, the panty portion was visible, peeking out from the shorts.  This is not hot.  As I pulled them on, the fabric seemed to stretch and distribute nicely over my skin. It was black yet had some transparency to it still, which is how a good pair of jet black hosiery should be.  The more transparent whilst still giving color on the outline of your legs, the more elegant they are.    The toe has an invisible reinforcement, which lived up to it’s name nicely.

Wearing: The sizing chart proved to be very accurate and my pair fit very well. They stayed put all night long. The non-control panty was very comfortable. As for feel (or “hand”, as they say in the business) – these pantyhose felt pretty good. They felt reasonably silky to the touch. When rubbing your legs together, they don’t feel all that silky against one another. A silky feeling when rubbing your legs together is the hallmark of a truly excellent pair of pantyhose / tights / stockings. They are slightly less silky than Hanes Silk Reflections. I wore them with some 3 1/2″ heels and had a long night out – started at a photo gallery event, then a busy night club, and finally to an after party. I’m not going to lie to you – I fell asleep in them, and the next morning I found some very small holes starting to develop in the upper thigh section of the the legs. It looked like some of the weave started to pull apart. 

Summary: Even if you overlook the ridiculous panty section, at $8.00 / pair, you should just pick up Hanes Silk Reflections, as they are the same price but with a slightly silkier feel and better durability.  In all fairness, I’ve had Hanes fail after one wearing, but I’ve also had pairs of them that last for 4 wearings.  In the low and mid grade hosiery world, the quality can be a bit random.  If HUE wants to send over 4 more pair for me to re-audition, I’ll be happy to post a new and improved review.


Review: Preston & York Sheer Pantyhose

Preston & York Pantyhose

Preston & York Pantyhose reviewed.

A review of the Preson & York control top sheer pantyhose:

For those that aren’t familiar with this brand, it’s the store brand offered by Dillard’s department stores. Dillards is a fairly nice establishment, so I  was very curious to see how their private label hosiery brand would measure up.

I’m kind of picky about the color of my hosiery. Out of the package, these had a sort of traditional “tan” look to them. As they stretched out over my skin, they took on a nice, sheer consistency, almost disappearing on my legs. I have fair skin and these were not super obvious on my legs to the naked eye. However, there’s something about flash photography that makes them look a bit pasty and unnatural as you’ll see in this photo (left).

Preston & York sheer pantyhose

Preston & York sheer pantyhose in light nude (right)

Sheer hosiery fabrics have a certain reflective quality to them. In real life, those reflections are coming from light sources at varying angles of attack.  When a flash photograph is taken, the light source is immediately next to the lens, or what will essentially be your “eye” into the scene. This causes the reflection to bounce off the fabric and straight into your eye, essentially. It’s like seeing a glare in a mirror.  That being said, take the photos with a grain of salt.  For more really geeky discussions about photography, visit my photography website.

Back to the hosiery at hand:  To the touch, these pantyhose have a reasonably silky feel. I’d give them a 7/ 10.  When rubbing your legs together, they fall short, being kind of rough. I’d give them a 5/10.

The control top was gently firm. It wasn’t too restrictive, but kept everything in place.

As for durability, I put them through a long night of attending a film screening, doing a photo shoot at a busy night club, and some afterpartying that went into the wee hours.  The reinforced toe held steady.  The fabric on the leg stayed intact, without any spontaneous holes developing, which was promising. Somehow a 1.5 inch hole developed in the very middle of the panty, right behind the gusset.  I still can’t figure out where that came from. It’s an odd thing to have happen to a control top, and rendered them unworthy for a second wearing.

Being a $9.00 pair of pantyhose and developing a hole on the first wearing is not good news for Preston & York. That puts their cost per wear at $9.00, which is a cost per wear that should merrit a far more luxurious pair of pantyhose. I’m sure I just got a bad pair, but even so – bad pair or not – this is a real world expense that any customer will have to be prepared for.

In summary: don’t waste your money. There are far superior pairs of hosiery to be had out there.

If Preston & York would like to send more pairs for additional evaluation, we’ll be happy to check them out and revise this review.


Hanes Pantyhose from Walmart

wpid-IMG_20130807_020301.jpgI was at Wal Mart a few days ago and noticed that they now carried a variation of Hanes Pantyhose. As someone that’s worn countless pairs of Silk Reflections, I absolutely had to try these out to find out what the situation was.  I’m not all that interested in domestic (American) made hosiery anymore, but HEY… why not just give them a shot?  At $5.95 / pair, it would be worth finding out.  I purchased the above pictured pair in XL, Nude.  As I put them on, I noticed a few things. The color was a pretty middle of the road nude. It more or less disappeared on my skin from a distance.  The control top was moderate. As for the feel…. it was on par with what I’ve come to expect from American made hosiery. Not HORRIBLE, but worlds different from the luxury of similarly priced European styles from brands like Pretty Polly or Gabriella.   As I was running around trying to get ready to leave, the heel from my left shoe made contact with the top of my right foot. and the fabric quickly succumbed without any protest, leaving a big hole on the top of my foot.  They never made it out of the house.

Moral of the story?  Don’t bother with them.  They are essentially repackaged and rebranded Leggs Silken Mist pantyhose (both are owned by the same parent company and undoubtedly come from the same hosiery mills).

Best Legs Contest on The Paul Duane Show

GBEX10_lgI wear a few hats during the course of a month. Aside from running Hosiery Review, I am the creator and host of a late night talk show, The Paul Duane Show. It’s a late night talk show, live in Salt Lake City.  Readers of this blog will be interested to know that I wear outfits that incorporate pantyhose and heels on stage as I host the show. I decided that it would be fun to share the love of legs with the audience, so we did a Best Legs Contest.  I invited women from SLC to come and compete on the show, and compete they did!

shapings logoWe were very fortunate to have the show and contest sponsored by  They sent some wonderful pantyhose for each of our contestants to wear; the Gabriella Exclusive 10’s.  This is an “entry level” hosiery from the Polish maker, but let me tell you – they feel and look 10x nicer than anything you can buy from an American hosiery maker, all price considerations aside. They are the silkiest feeling hosiery I’ve ever worn. A more complete review of them will be forthcoming in a separate post. For now, just know that if you want a real treat in the hosiery department for under $8.00 USD, this is what you need to buy. Get them here:


Many beautiful ladies on stage…

lmsorenson_17may2013-1The final two contestants. The girl on the left was decleared the winner by our celebrity judges.

Below is a highlight video of the contest:

Review: L’eggs Silken Mist Run Resitant Ultra Sheer

A new varation of nylon / lycra fiber has hit the market that is being billed as “run resistant”. L’eggs Silken Mist is the first widely available pantyhose in the states to utilize this new yarn and weaving technique. It’s touted as being sheer, silky, and incredibly durable.  Naturally, at Hosiery Review, we had to test these claims.

I picked up a pair of the L’eggs Silken Mist for $3.78.  At this price, my expectations are not terribly high. I bought them in “black mist” Ultra Sheer Leg style.  I’ve yet to encounter an off-black variant that I’m really crazy about.  They usually end up looking grey or an odd taupey-grey.  This pair was the latter, and although not a deal breaker, you do want to be careful what colors you wear them with, as this is not a color-neutral fabric. It leans to the warm side of grey.

Construction features were as expected: a control top panty,  sheer toe, and conventional “round” seams (as opposed to the more luxurious flat seams in higher end hosiery). The control top panty was actually quite comfortable. It provided some degree of firmness, but it was nothing I felt the need to escape from.

Going on, they stretched to a very sheer consistency. L’eggs doesn’t ever specify a denier rating for their products, but I’m going to estimate these around 12 denier. This is a very sheer yarn; for the first time I was actually looking forward to getting a run in them to see how they’d handle it. To the touch, they were very silky, i’d give them 8/10.  When rubbing your legs together, though, they showed a very different characteristic, being a bit rough. Leg to leg silkiness is  5/10 .   They were just a tad bit matte in terms of sheen. The weave is very fine and this pair really seemed to want to disappear into my legs. I’m guessing that a nude pair of these would truly disappear and look very natural on one’s legs.

I wore them to a party, a bar, and an afterparty, wondering when they would meet their fate.  I ressisted the temptation to stick a ball point pen through them in the name of science. It wasn’t until the wee hours of the night, right before going to bed, that I discovered a very small hole in the toe area of one foot. I am guessing that it developed from walking around barefoot sans shoes on some rough antique wood flooring. At last, a hole! In almost any other pair of pantyhose (especially this cheap and sheer), a run (or “ladder”, as they call it in europe) would have screamed skyward up my leg. True to their promise, this run really did resist expanding. Of course, one could easily force it to run, but let’s keep in mind: any hole that doesn’t explode into a 24″ run is kind of a miracle of science.  It remained about 1″ long. I dabbed a small drop of clear nail polish on it and I’m certain this pair will be more than sturdy enough for another night on the town.

Summary:  I think this is a wonderful utilitarian pair of pantyhose. They look rather elegant, they feel very silky to the touch, and if they were just more pleasant when rubbing one’s legs together, I’d be incredibly stoked on this new revision of the Silken Mist line.  At an initial cost of $3.78, they are on the better side of average for cost-per-wearing.  Overall, I give L’eggs Silken Mist Run Resistant Ultra Sheer Leg a 7 / 10.

Ginarie gave us more

You’ve probably seen several of her images around the site in the past. There’s a reason for that – Ginarie is one of the best models I’ve worked with.  Obviously, she’s a stunning beauty with a killer sense of humor.  Aside from being  a lot of fun to hang around, she’s an artist herself. She has a unique ability to really understand what the photographer wants to see, and to make it happen. 

See the rest of Ginarie here.

Photographs by Paul Duane Photography. See more of his boudoir  work.


Victoria’s not so nice Secret

This was a bit disappointing.  For years, Victoria’s Secret has been selling some really great hosiery products. I’ve been a fan of them for years.  It turns out that Victoria’s Secret has been cutting some corners when it comes to the manufacture and marketing of some of their hosiery products.   Here’s the short of it:  Victoria’s Secret contracted with a company called Zephyr to design and manufacture some of their hosiery:
the Lace Top Fish Net Stockings, Fish Net Thigh-Highs With Backseam, and Signature Stripe Thigh-High With Bows, to be specific.  The Zephyr hosiery were made in Italy and had some very high end construction and design features.  The product photography, used on the packaging and in other marketing materials, was done using the Zephyr product. Some time later, Victoria’s Secret cut deals with some of Zephyr’s own subcontractors to manufacture hosiery with less expensive materials and construction techniques. The cheaper hosiery were made in Canada.  Victoria’s Secret then continued to sell the lower quality Canadian hosiery in the packaging that showed the Italian made hosiery.

Below you can see some photos of the Italian made hosiery vs. the Canadian made product.  Fortunately this manufacturing snafu does not appear to affect their line of full length pantyhose.


Photos courtesy of Gioconda Law Group.

What would ______ do?

It’s Friday afternoon. I’m at my desk working. The following text shows up from my friend Jaclyn, the promoter for Friday night at The Hotel (a big night club in SLC):

Jaclyn  2:44 pm: Shorts & Stilettos PARTY 2night @ The Hotel! $250 for the sexiest outfit! It’s also the 1st round of our DJ battle! Come suport ur fav DJ’s! Text me 4 VIP!

Shorts and stilettos, eh?  In other words, a best legs contest?

Hell yes.

I’m going.

And I’m going to WIN.

The tools and the prize

In the spirit of full disclosure, I did not commit to this winning attitude without some internal struggle. There is a part of me that is always aware that when I step out of the house, I’m breaking all kinds of societal “rules”.  When you stand out like I do, you become an enhanced target for conflict. There has been some violence in my neighborhood recently, and I’m not anxious to participate in any of it. I’ve NEVER had any problems, and I expect it to stay that way, though I do stay vigilant.  But all this safety talk aside… there is a bigger concern:  my ego. There is a part of me that just doesn’t want to be made fun of. Rolling into a high end night club, dressed in half drag, entering what is essentially a best-legs contest is something that could go either brilliantly, or I could look like an absolute fool, to put it lightly.  I’m not myopic. I consider all sides of things, despite what you might think.  There comes a time when you have to take roll call, figure out which inner voices are saying what, and kick out the insecure ones. It’s hard. I only succeed at this on occasion.

On some level, I felt like The Universe was just handing me a blank check tonight. How could I, the guy who champions self expression and not-giving-a-fuck, the guy who wears heels and pantyhose out all the time, NOT enter this contest?  It would me morally wrong of me NOT to.

When I need a little boost, I think to myself,  What would Tucker Max do?  What would Neil Strauss do?  What would Hunter S. Thompson do?

Win that damn contest, that’s what. 

I donned the black shirt and tie, some super short shorts in black, hosiery (by UK hosiery maker Pretty Polly… I know, I know… it’s the perfect name, save the jokes for later. PP, I give you guys a ton of great press. We should talk about a sponsorship deal), and heels, and went out the door.

Even though I don’t particularly care for the club scene, when I roll into The Hotel, it’s like family.  I can roll in after VIP lists close and still never pay a cover. I never wait in line.  Whoever is with me comes in free, also.  I know the managers, a lot of the security staff, several of the DJ’s, and the promoter very well. 

“You look so hot”, the promoter said. “Every guy in this place wants to be you right now”.  Jaclyn is also ludicrously hot herself. I’ll take her word for it.   The contest consisted of about 10 people.  9 hot girls and me.  There were some absolutely delicious legs up there, folks. I was trying not to drool.  Though it was apparent that I was the favored candidate before the contest even started, when it came time for the audience to vote by cheering, I was not sure what would happen. Okay. That’s about 43% bullshit. There is a part of me that knew EXACTLY what was going to happen.  I saw this in my mind’s eye before I even got dressed for the night. 

It came time for me to stand up on the stage and strut my stuff.  I jumped up there, put my stiletto clad foot on a piece of white leather furniture, and ran my finger from my ankle all the way up my leg to my upper thigh, and then turned to the audience and beckoned their applause.   I’m not trying to brag, but… they pretty much loved me.  The audience made my victory clear. I walked way with $250 cash.  🙂

Okay. I’ve tried about 45 times to write a closing paragraph to this story.  I keep missing the point. I’m really glad I went out dressed up and entered the contest. It wasn’t about the money, it was about dominating a situation and making a point to myself. I had a great time!  This is the part where I start rambling off into some overly philosophical bullshit, bordering on overly self congratulatory and / or self deprecating and / or overly earnest and stupid.  CUT!   That’s all I have to say for now.



ultimately masculine

Part III: True masculinity and Freedom

“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.”
Albert Camus

We live in the best of times, and the worst of times. We have unprecedented technology that allows anybody to communicate with the whole planet at once. We regularly travel in space. We have tools for unlimited creative expression.  Quiet, hidden tyrants destroy our currency via their selfish designs and rob us of our quality of life. Massive corporations conspire with government to create policies that drive profit, rather than the public good. Needless wars are waged, innocent life is snuffed out daily in our movie theaters and abroad in nations we rarely think about.

Tyranny and destruction are not carried out by evil men.

Tyrants, thieves and murderers are 7 year old boys that never learned to accept themselves.

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