The Power of Words


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The Power of Words

It’s happening!
Your biggest dreams.
Your worst nightmares.
America is getting better.
America is getting worse.
You are about to meet the love of your life.
You are unlovable.
Whatever you are CONVINCED is happening, is happening.
Words have power – they are that transition stage between the embryo of idea, and the finished physical reality. All tragedies and all masterpieces go through this same process.
Idea –> Word –> Reality
Ideas don’t turn themselves into reality;
Humans have to put energy into the ideas to manufacture them into the world of 3 dimensions.
First it’s emotional energy, and then that leads to physical energy.
WORDS are like a coloring book – we humans then show up and fill in the black and white lines with the colors of our emotional and then, physical energy.
“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”
We are creators. Miniature Gods of our own small realms of influence.
Words are the way our creations – be they evil or good – are first manifest into the world.
Mastering the power of the WORD is an essential step toward becoming more powerful creators… of becoming more like the most skilled creator of all.
Say what you mean. Mean what you say.
I’ve found this principle to be secret of my successes and the fuel for all of my failures.
Vote for Gary Johnson.
much love –
Paul Duane

The Most Absurd Story

There once was a man and woman who fell in love, got married, and bought an attractive home together.  The husband grew up in a home with many children and an overworked mother who struggled to keep the house clean. Dust, disarray, and clutter were the norm. Though he greatly appreciated neat tidy spaces, it could also be said that he was at perfectly comfortable in a mess.


One day, he found his wife pouting on the sofa.  He had known something was amiss for a few days, perhaps it would now finally come to the surface.

“What’s wrong?” he inquired.


“I know that you resent me for not keeping the house clean, but I have been so busy with my responsibilities on the committee, my boss has given me extra work, and this flu has sapped up all of my extra energy this week. I know you are always mad at me for the house being a mess. I am really hurt that you are so upset with me. That’s why I’ve been staying away from you, that’s why I won’t hug or kiss you, that’s why I’m so cold – because I know you are mad at me. How am I supposed to be loving to you when I know you are angry with me over something like this?”


The husband was shocked. In his own mind, just earlier that day, he had been contemplating how beautiful their home was and how grateful he was for it. The current state of housekeeping was vastly superior to anything he had grown up with. In his eyes, he didn’t even see a mess. All he saw was a beautiful home with an angry wife.


He tried to console her, but she did not believe him. She continued to attack him for being angry at her for not keeping the house spotless.  This pattern continued for some time.


The husband felt helpless, like a shipwrecked boy floating at sea on a tiny life raft, with no help in sight for months. At times his desperation started to taste something like anger for her construction of this artificial problem – but it wasn’t real anger.  Few things could sadden him more than her accusations of him feeling a way that he truly did not. A deep, profound despair took residence in his heart  as he contemplated the futility of the situation.  There was nothing he could do to convince her otherwise. If he helped more around the house, she would see it as evidence that he was, in fact, so upset with her that he was taking matters into his own hands. If he did not help, she further resented  that he was part of the problem. He was utterly powerless to help her – not because he himself lacked power, but because she would have no part of it.


If housekeeping was the only area in which the wife experienced this way of thinking, their marriage would have been salvageable.  Humans typically don’t compartmentalize habits of the heart, though. Her self criticism crept into every other area of life. Money, friends, work, sex… Brick by brick she laid an impenetrable wall, turning their marriage into a stale cavern of tears. Eventually, the marriage ended.  Both were devastated, both had radically different stories about what happened.  So much potential, so little realized.


So it is with our relationship with The Divine. (Call it what you want. For the sake of brevity, I’ll call it a few simple things, sometimes I’ll use the word God.) We emanate from a Source of ultimate creative power that we don’t fully comprehend. It is our heritage, and our destination, to grow eternally in our powers of creation.  If a God exists, I am certain that it’s main objective is to nurture us into beings like unto itself, masters of all creative powers.


Look at the ancient and modern wisdom that’s been put on the earth: Vast amounts of it are aimed at convincing humans to stop judging.  God has gone so far as to play a cosmic game of Santa Claus – a temporary charade that’s intended to get us going in the right direction, even if we aren’t fully mature enough to understand the real reasons yet.  He’s allowed the perpetuation of stories that should empower humans to relieve themselves of the judging duties and hand them off to someone that’s better equipped for the job: Think of the thousand of tales in all cultures that God, in fact, is the great judge, that there will be a great day of judgement, and thus, no other human needs to be concerned with judging. Taking it a step further into near absurdity,  there even exists a story about God sending his only Son in the flesh, to come down here, get horribly abused, suffer, and die, on behalf of all “sinners” – taking upon him the sins of all the world – just in an effort to convince us humans to CALM DOWN AND STOP JUDGING. There are countless ceremonies, rites of passage, rituals, all of which are a “Dumbo’s Feather” of sorts – intended to give each of us permission to feel “clean”, “forgiven” so that just maybe we’ll stop judging – others, and ourselves –  and get on with the joy of creation.


While it’s true that on some level, the wife was judging her husband, it all emanated from judging herself.  In the court of her own self criticism, she became the judge, jury, and executioner – and thus, unable to consider any evidence to the contrary. All of the promises of marriage became impossible and moot.


The dilemma of the married couple is a dilemma of human nature, and may be rightfully multiplied by many thousands as we contemplate our true relationship to God.  God loves us vastly more. The minutia we judge ourselves against are, in the grand scheme of things, irrelevant. The consequences of the rift between you and God are cosmic in scale.


God does not judge us. As we let go of the baseless assumption that God disapproves of us, as we accept our own unique perfection in God’s eyes, we’ll find that relationship to our Creative Power improving exponentially. This, I believe, is where the bliss begins.


much love-
Paul Duane


Will photography become obsolete?

As video and 3-d viewing become more ubiquitous in our LCD screen fueled world, I often wonder, will my art form, photography, ever become obsolete?  To answer this, I’d like to consider what photography does for a human being, and then decide if technology is offering to replace it with a superior experience.

Humans have an interesting relationship with time.  The passage of time and it’s attendant fears are what make us human. No other species tracks time. Everything about your life can be traced back to the passage of time, from the color of your coat to the rhythm of the music you listen to. If time were to cease to exist, we would be God, being omnipresent to all moments simultaneously – but we are not.

To count the passage of time is to be human.

A photograph freezes time and allows us to examine a split second of it for minutes, hours, even years.

This is an experience that video cannot offer.  Video is based on the passage of time. In some ways, it is an irritating reminder of our frail, 2 dimensional humanity.  A photograph is different from a painting or a sculpture. Such mediums are projections from the imagination of the artist, but they are portrayals of things that never existed in truth. They may be close facsimiles, but never a statement of a reality in the same way a photograph is.   A camera captures light that emanates from a being and freezes it in tiny bits of silver halide or bits of data.

I wonder if looking at a photograph may be the closest thing a mortal may ever experience to what it is like to be God, observing a thing without the limitations of time.  So long as humans have unsolved god curiosities and complexes, I believe we will always adore the still image.



God was not at the grocery store today

On what seems to be an upswing of a rash of suicide attempts, ____ is spending less time in bed, more time out of the house.  One of the major rationales for his suicide attempts is that he doesn’t’ feel like life has any purpose. Today, he wandered around a local Smith’s grocery store, approaching random people and asking:

“What is your purpose in life? I’m lost, and maybe if you told me yours, it would help me find mine”.

Some people interrogated him for 5 minutes before they would answer his question: “Why do you want to know? Is this a trick? Am I on some TV show?” etc, etc, etc.

Many people asked him if he

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Victory Lap

Hugh Hefner is on his victory lDI want to be a bad ass. I know it's the most un-bad ass thing to say, but I'm not gonna lie to you.

Do you ever wonder about those people who just seem to be larger than life? I do.  I want to be one of them. I’m not gonna risk looking pretentious to you and pretentiously claim that I don’t want to be a bad ass.

We all know of one of these kind of people:  They emerged from the womb winning. They are more intelligent, artistic, healthy, attractive, philosophical, patriotic, athletic, eloquent, and affluent than everyone else, without even trying. And when they DO try… whoah.  They become rock stars virtually overnight.

I’m starting to think reincarnation is real.  I have this theory:  Once you’ve lived many times and mastered all of life’s lessons, and are about to transcend to Godhood / nirvana / heaven / whatever, God gives you one more incarnation on earth:  a victory lap.

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What I’ve Learned – wrapping up 2011

One of my favourite columns in Esquire magazine is called “What I’ve Learned”. It’s 2 page feature… a great portrait of the interviewee, and then a page of bullet-point statements summarizing that person’s life’s lessons. Here’s my version.


  • Often the people I initially judge as jerks, end up being some of my most dear friends.
  • ALWAYS listen to your conscience and do what it says, even if it will break the hearts of people who you love.
  • You know those girls who, when you first meet them, drop hints of sexuality? You know, like they are dangling a carrot in front of you? RUN LIKE HELL. Inevitably, dealing with such a woman will be bad news.
  • love … IS … God
  • We attract what we already are. The world is a mirror. Thus, you can make a decent, quick assessment of a person by looking at who their friends are.
  • Before you can overcome something, you have to go through it. There is power in admitting you are angry, lonely, needy, etc.  You have to just BE in that shit for a while and acknowledge your present shitty state before you can transcend.
  • Safety first – then teamwork… 50%.
  • There is a certain divinity in doing exactly what pleases you, other people’s opinions be damned.
  • DONE is better than PERFECT.
  • Indecision is a cancer that will destroy your life.
  • Indecision is usually a symptom that you are not being honest with yourself.
  • When in doubt, ask yourself, “What Would Adam Carolla Do?”
  • It’s a good custom to get drunk with someone that you are just getting to know.  Alcohol will lower inhibitions and let you see what’s behind the mask.  If you just find a relaxed, sleepy version of the person that they were before drinking – you have found a worthy friend.
  • Mushrooms are a beautiful thing.
  • I still haven’t found the balance between over thinking things, and not thinking things through enough.
  • Environments are powerful.  Never underestimate the power of who / what you are surrounded with. Take steps to weed out the negative forces and consciously replace them with people, places, and things that inspire you.
  • Trust your nature. Most of the forces out there are trying to destroy the trust you have with yourself. The public education system, the political rhetoric, religion… all these things will detach you from your inner knowing if you are not careful.


Self Importance

If you really believe you are a child of God, you’ll feel supremely important. How much more important could you be?

You’ll stop serving others in an effort to make yourself feel important and significant. I believe you’ll serve them because you want them to know they are a child of god, too.

…And you will stop calling it “service”.

You will simply BE.

Posted while out and about from my Blackberry.

Another preview to “The Uttermost Farthing”

This is a shot that I took as we were getting ready to leave.  This was not planned, but was completely serendipitous, as if mother nature and the Gods knew the whole of what I wanted to express that evening.  Again, I cannot thank Abi and Omeid enough for perfectly expressing my vision.  More to come soon….