Soul Anarchist Podcast – about & contact



/ ˈsōl /  noun: 1. The spiritual principle embodied in human beings  2. A person’s total self 


/ˈanärk’/ noun:  1. a leader or advocate of self ruling.   2. A master of chaos.  3. One self possessed and intent to define themselves as unruled. 


/‘ist’/ noun suffix:  1. One that adheres to or advocates a doctrine or system or code of behavior  2. Characteristic of. 

The Soul Anarchist Podcast, hosted by Paul Duane, is a show that celebrates the ethos of living live on one’s own terms. For the first 6 years of it’s life, the Soul Anarchist Podcast was known simply as “The Paul Duane Show”.  As we move into the 7th year of the show, the basic content and approach to the show has remained constant. Notable guests have included:

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The show is available on iTunes, Spotify, and all other podcasting apps. In addition, The Soul Anarchist Podcast is syndicated worldwide via the Liberty Radio Network.

Contact info:

801 994 6960