Audio version of demo reel:

The mission of The Paul Duane Show is to save the world, one good man at a time. We create media that empowers good men to become great men.  Past guests have included

  • Zen Master Genpo Roshi
  • Utah Senator Mark Madsen
  • Pulizter nominated political cartoonist Pat Bagley
  • Tripp Lanier – host of The New Man podcast
  • Jordan Harbinger – founder of The Art Of Charm
  • DJ Sabo
  • Devin Townsend (musician – Steve Vai, Strapping Young Lad, The Devin Townsend Project)
  • Michael Graves – former vocalist for legendary punk band The Misfits
  • Sean Whalen – Lions Not Sheep

The show is currently distributed on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, The Internet Radio Network, , and The Liberty Radio Network.

What listeners are saying:

“Confession. I’ve only recently begun listening to your show. But each one has been f@#$%ng awesome!  I cant listen much because I’m working at that time, but every time I’ve listened has made me look forward to the next. Keep it up. Kick ass!” – Mike Mireless

“You are a badass, I love your show…. I see Utah waking up, brother. Your show is helping that happen, you’re a hero! I wanted to drop a note, and I hope someday to hang and discuss the spirit of the age. Thanks for rocking it!” – Dr. Joshua Stockwell

“I am very impressed and inspired with your outlook, ambition and individualist/communal synthesized version of humanity. Like a breath of fresh smoke. I enjoyed the philosophical, poignant, pertinent firmament; intertwined with poetic persuasion at a punk core of going against the grain, I’m sold on your brand.” – Chris R. 

“Paul Duane has never been one to keep to the dark corners;  So it wasn’t much of a shock to see him start his own talk show—with his own name as the title—and bring some of Utah’s most influential names to chat with him in front of a live audience… the show is only a TV deal away from being the best showcase in town.” – Salt Lake City Weekly

“It’s kind of like modern dance. He has a basic choreography for it…. He’s not wedded to whether it goes according to plan. It makes it kind of fun. You’re not sure where it’s going to go.” – Doug Fabrizio, KUER / Radio West

“I had wonderful time on Paul’s shows. What makes it different is there is nothing like it. He is the perfect person to do it.” – Richard Dutcher, filmmaker

“Even on a sick day at home- I love tuning into The Paul Duane Show” – Catherine Mellen

“I love me some Paul Duane …. Check him out, listen to his show, GO to a show…they are very entertaining, and by all means please feel free to support him as he takes over the world.” – B. Larsen“I think you and your work are 100% pure genius. I take something away that improves my life in every piece of work you do. Thank You Paul” – Nanette Milliner

“Too weird to die.” -Todd Fook, 101.9 FM 

I live out of town and am unable to be there in person but your words and insight help keep me on the right path, please don’t give up.” – Andrew S. 

“You sir are a true champion of your people. In my eyes you are a religious leader, the church of unity and love, not one of religious beliefs backed by money and stigmatic belief. You are a true pastor Paul, be proud of your efforts… the values you preach go beyond the physical, they are the true core principles that we all should strive for….  Be proud of yourself Paul, you are shining example of what we can and should be in this life we have and so stupidly let slide by without taking a stand for something we believe in.”  – James Albertina