We live in a society of laws.

If you defy those laws, you will be forced to comply with them, by men who are pointing guns at you.

Most of those laws were created many years before you were even born.

You never were, nor will you ever have, a functional opportunity to decide whether or not you agree with those laws, and wish to live amongst them.

Here is the building that houses the men in suits who imagined those laws:

It’s a pretty nice building.

It’s fancier, more ornate, more expensive, than virtually any other office building in the state.

Ever wonder why a traditional, modest square office building wasn’t good enough for the writing of those laws?

Why wouldn’t an efficient, cost effective (albeit boring to look at) building suffice for the empowerment of the men with guns who will violently force you to obey the laws that you never had any say in?

And some say that capitalists are tyrants…

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