I had a small serendipitous moment today, which I shall share.
My iPod was shuffling various things, and seems to have a preference for the Gym Class Heroes lately. As “papercuts” was fading out, I approached a house on 10th east. A man emerged to get his mail from me, I noticed he was wearing

As I approached the house on 10th east, a man emerged to come get his mail from me. He had on a T shirt from the RUSH Counterparts tour. As I complimented him on his choice of shirts, my iPod shuffled to the following RUSH song… I’ve heard this song a million times, but for some reason, today, the lyrics sunk deeply into my mind and heart:


So much style without substance
So much stuff without style
It’s hard to recognize the real thing
It comes along once in a while
Like a rare and precious metal beneath a ton of rock
It takes some time and trouble to separate from the stock
You sometimes have to listen to a lot of useless talk

Shapes and forms against the norm
Against the run of the mill
Swimming against the stream
Life in two dimensions is a mass production scheme

So much poison in power, the principles get left out
So much mind on the matter, the spirit gets forgotten about
Like a righteous inspiration overlooked in haste
Like a teardrop in the ocean, a diamond in the waste
Some world-views are spacious
And some are merely spaced

Against the run of the mill
Static as it seems
We break the surface tension with our wild kinetic dreams
Curves and lines
Of grand designs…

– from the album “Power Windows”

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