I went to a movie

I took my little girls out to a movie tonight. The storyline was familiar:

Boy meets girl
Boy grows up with girl
Boy daydreams with girl
Boy and girl daydream of a life of adventure
Boy marries girl
Boy grows old with girl
Boy loses girl to old age…
…boy continues on alone.

I cried.

Those damn tears, in needing to be wiped away, brought my physical self and my inner self’s attention to a focused point – made me consider my losses. I’ve been that boy in a wide eyed state of wonderment… meeting a girl whose sense of adventure, whose life and love, seem perfectly tailored to my own. I know the ecstasy of letting my guard down completely, and finding that step into the unknown rewarded with the awe and wonderment of discovering a soul mate. The word ‘home’ took on new meaning, and new place – at her side.

Boy lost girl.

Boy is pretty philosophical about it now-a-days.

Boy wonders if he’ll ever be able to trust enough to just free fall into love again.

Boy hopes so.

Though I don’t pine away for her to return, my tears revealed a still open wound. We are all different now.

Boy wonders if being philosophical about it is just a bunch of bullshit.

  1. For the most part, I think that being philosophical about love is a bunch of bullshit. You end up practicing love in theory, or waiting for love while you dissect it in theory, rather than just experiencing the fullness of love as it occurs.

    Don't cry
    it's over.

    it happened.

    Dr. Seuss

    And let it keep happening, so you have more to smile about.

    My humble thoughts. 🙂

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