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It’s the best of times to be a music fan.  I love Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist feature. Every week  (usually) I fall in love with a new band. My latest discovery is a band out of New York called TAUK.  If STS9 (Sound Tribe Sector Nine) and Porcupine Tree made funky love at a Phish concert, the baby would be named TAUK.   I had the opportunity to shoot their 24 March 2017 performance at The State Room in Salt Lake City, with support by Yak Attack from Portland.

Look, Listen & Like:







Yak Attack in SLC

Portland’s Yak Attack played Salt Lake City on 24 March 2017 in support of TAUK.  Yak Attack is very RUSH-like in that they are a three piece that generates big sound – albeit more groovy and danceable than my dear, sweet, beloved RUSH.  They describe themselves as “Live-looping meets House meets Breakbeat meets Electro-funK meets Drum&Bass meets Trip Hop” ….and I’d say, if the music thing ever falls through, they should consider getting into the description writing business.

Look, Like & Listen:




Peter Breinholt: The artist is more important than ever

Jessica Wise

founder – The Litas

Devin Townsend

recording artist

Pat Bagley

Pulitzer finalist political cartoonist

Sean Whalen

men’s coach

Robert Clark

National Geographic photographer

Kurt Bestor

Composer, pianist, trumpet player Kurt Bestor


Richard Dutcher

black and white portrait of filmmaker Richard Dutcher


Marianne Willamson

author & spiritual teacher

Steven Wilson

Grammy nominated musician & producer

Peter Breinholt

Singer / songwriter Peter Breinholt photographed by Paul Duane

singer / songwriter

Genpo Roshi

black and white portrait of Zen Master Genpo Roshi

Zen Master Genpo Roshi

Singer / songwriter Peter Breinholt is a local legend. He seems to be as popular today as he ever was 20 years ago. When many musicians would relegate to “has been” status, Breinholt is anxiously chomping at the bit to create his greatest work yet, along with keeping up a busy performance schedule.  This is how it’s done, kids.

“The artist has a critical role in the world. Who else is talking about the things the artist talks about: compassion, love, forgiveness… who else is doing that right now? You’re not getting that on the news. The artist is more important now than ever”

“If you’re an honest writer I think who you are is going to come through.”






Holst would have played heavy metal

Jarom Bischoff of Exigent Records, and founder of the CrucialFest hardcore music festival in Salt Lake City, Utah, gave a brilliant tour of heavy music for the uninitiated.  Bischoff is an articulate fan of music – of all genres – and gave a compelling and nuanced explanation of what heavy music does for the soul.


Heavy / hardcore music may feel like a new phenomenon in the history of music… but its not. Humans have always sought ways to express the bigger, darker emotions.  Take Gustav Holst, for instance, who was composing in the late 1800’s. Listen to this and imagine it performed by a metal band:

Here are some of the songs that Jarom provided during his musical tour:

Converge – Jane Doe  https://youtu.be/zLRYREmJqho

Ides of Gemini:  https://idesofgemini.bandcamp.com/album/old-world-new-wave

Author & Punisher “Terrorbird” https://youtu.be/jjlBOPLWZyw

Subrosa – No Help for the Mighty Ones https://youtu.be/Xjo-aE8PIGQ


Featured CrucialFest bands:

Goatsnake – Playing Saturday June 20th at Urban Lounge

“Elevated Man” from their new album, “Black Age Blues”



Dead Meadow – Playing Friday June 19th at Urban Lounge

“Sleepy Silver Door” from their Self Titled album

Dead Meadow – Sleepy Silver Door


Royal Thunder – Playing Thursday June 18th at Area 51

“Time Machine” from the album, “Crooked Doors, (Deluxe Version)”



Ides of Gemini – Playing Friday June 19th at Area 51, Early Show

“Black Door” from the album, “Old World New Wave”



Kowloon Walled City – Playing Saturday June 20th at Area 51, Early Show

“The Pressure Keeps Me Alive” from the album, “Container Ships”



La Verkin – Playing Thursday June 18th at Area 51, Early Show, 21+ Stage

“Trickle Down” from the album, “Judge the Judger”


CrucialFest happens June 18 – 20 in Salt Lake City.   Get tickets and info at:  CrucialFest.com


Caleb Chapman thinks Fallout Boy can save Music Education

Maybe it’s that he was a bit of a child prodigy himself, performing professional music gigs by age 15…   Caleb Chapman, of Caleb Chapman’s Sound House, has created an epicenter of music education that is without peers. The Sound House is an after school private music education / performance center geared toward giving serious high school age musicians real world experiences and high level performance opportunities. Their flagship band, The Crescent Super Band, has performed all around the world and at all of the classic jazz venues in the big cities, earning accolades at every stop.


Caleb joined me in the studio today to discuss how he coaxes such high levels of performance out of the 15 – 18 year old musicians, his view of music education, and he explains how Fall Out Boy songs may be the secret to saving music education in our schools.




Silent Sleep

Chris McIntosh and Ollie Gorman of Silent Sleep – hailing from Liverpool, England – joined me today to talk about the new album, “Stay The Night. Stay The Morning, Too”.

Purchase the new album at:  http://www.silentsleepband.com/



Official music video for the new single, “I Wish It Could Be Different”

Appearance on ABC Good Morning Utah:


Listen to the interview ↓


Is pop music reformatting your brain?

How pop music might be ruining your creativity, what music sounds like when it’s made according to statistics, and the relationship between rap & prison industrial complex.  But first… Some awesome films that I recommend checking out:

  • Amelie
  • Pan’s Labrynth
  • The Road Home
  • Slumdog Millionaire
  • Life of Pi

Pop music is ruining our brains: http://mic.com/articles/98310/scientists-prove-that-pop-music-is-literally-ruining-our-brains

Most unwanted song: http://youtu.be/-gPuH1yeZ08

Most wanted song: http://youtu.be/McIfIx29tSg

More experimental music from the composer of the most wanted and unwanted songs, Dave Soldier: http://davesoldier.com/experimental.html

The secret meeting that linked rap music and the prison industrial complex:  http://worldtruth.tv/the-secret-meeting-that-changed-rap-music-and-destroyed-a-generation/

Listen to the show ↓


SevenDust – Come Down

This whole record is gorgeous… if you dig this track, the whole album will be a treat for you.  This is from their 2014 release, “Time Travelers and Bonfires”.