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Morris Kunz: solving masculine dilemmas

Everyone wants good love. Fellas, there's nothing like getting involved with a woman to reveal the places you need to grow in. Intimacy expert Morris Kunz shares ...
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Ask Me Anything Q&A March 2018

  • Do women like men that crossdress?
  • How can I stop stressing over the judgement of other people?
  • Flowers: Practical gift or ...
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An Attempt to Convert Brett Veinotte to Mormonism

I suit up in my finest Crossdressing Mormon Anarchist attire, brush up on my Mormon Missionary discussions, and give Brett Veinotte (Host of School Sucks Podcast) a ...
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What made Jesus the Ultimate Ladies Man?

....According to my friends. Timothy Smith, Kelly Boyce, Charlynn Hamaker, Marc Hanson, Steve Conlin, Jake Garn, Ashley Bracy, Richard Dutcher, Dr. Pam Gurley, Brandon Lee, Steve Urquhart, ...
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#360: Sensuality Expert Emanuela Fernandes

    What does it mean to be sensual? Is sensuality the same as sexuality? What is the real cost of not having sensuality in my life? ...
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359: Nineveh Dinhah-Madsen: realizing your power

What does it mean to be an Alpha Female? How do you break out of an abusive relationship? What would it look like if women ran the ...
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Sacred Clown: Willy Marshall

Here are the things referenced during today's episode with Willy Marshall: Buy a shirt: My bad ass Dad, the ORIGINAL Duane : Buy some Vodka: ...
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Dr. Ferguson Saw Your Brain Being Religious

Dr. Michael Ferguson is a post-doctoral associate in the Department of Human Development at Cornell University. His work centers on the intersections of culture and brain. Active ...
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A partial autopsy of the Gary Johnson Campaign with Charlynn Patterson

Subscribe on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher or TuneIn What do BETA VCRs and Libertarians have in common? Why did Bill Weld seemingly break rank and start ...
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