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Ask Me Anything July 2018

On this Ask Me Anything episode, I answer the following questions:

2.1 Duane Rides

Today is Father’s Day. I can’t think of anything I’d rather do than tell you for a moment about the the bad-assery of the OG Duane.  Some of you ...
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Former IRS attorney Mark Barnes

How do you write off gambling losses as a tax write-off? What's the worst job in the world? Is taxation theft? Former IRS attorney Mark Barnes dishes out on what ...
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Morris Kunz: solving masculine dilemmas

Speaking of masculine dilemmas: I just finished reading THE TRUTH by Neil Strauss. This is one of the most fascinating journeys through traditional and non-traditional relationships (and sex addiction ...
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Ask Me Anything Q&A March 2018

  • How can I stop stressing over the judgement of other people?
  • Flowers: Practical gift or waste of money?
  • Is photography still an art form ...
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An Attempt to Convert Brett Veinotte to Mormonism

If you like Brett Veinotte, there's a decent chance you like Jordan Peterson. I just finished reading his book, 12 RULES FOR LIFE. Fascinating. Actually, I listened to it ...
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What made Jesus the Ultimate Ladies Man?

....According to my friends. Timothy Smith, Kelly Boyce, Charlynn Hamaker, Marc Hanson, Steve Conlin, Jake Garn, Ashley Bracy, Richard Dutcher, Dr. Pam Gurley, Brandon Lee, Steve Urquhart, Patrick Williams, Bethany ...
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#360: Sensuality Expert Emanuela Fernandes

What does it mean to be sensual? Is sensuality the same as sexuality? What is the real cost of not having sensuality in my life? What can I do to ...
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359: Nineveh Dinhah-Madsen: realizing your power

What does it mean to be an Alpha Female? How do you break out of an abusive relationship? What would it look like if women ran the world? Am I ...
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