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Hi, my name is Paul Duane.  I’m a pretty regular dude.  Grew up religious (mormon, to be exact). Studied psychology in college.  I’m a self employed photographer, and a musician on the side . I love stand up comedy, good beer, and guns.  I got married when I was 21, and divorced several years & 2 kids later.  Since then I’ve been trying to improve myself so that I don’t repeat the costly mistake of a failed marriage again.  I’ve put a ton of energy into this, reading books like “The Game” by Neal Strauss, almost everything by David DeAngelo, listening to countless hours of podcasts by PUA / self improvement gurus like AJ & Jordan Harbinger from The Art Of Charm…  the list goes on and on….

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There’s one other thing.

I had a secret that caused me a lot of anguish earlier in my life:  I have a fetish for pantyhose, tights, stockings and high heels – and I was deathly afraid of how that would impact my ability to ever have a normal relationship with a great woman.  If you are a normal guy that doesn’t have any weird shit going on, and you are totally satisfied with your dating life, you can probably stop reading now.  If you area  guy that has something in your life that you believe is holding you back from succeeding with the kind of women you’d like to succeed with, keep reading.

Okay, you are still reading.  It sounds like you have something that is holding you back… Your issue could be the same as mine, it could be different. You might be into S&M. Maybe you got in trouble with the law and did a few years time. Maybe you struggled with addiction. Perhaps you have some other fetish that you feel makes you too weird for any “normal” woman. You might have some kind of deformity or disability. Maybe you are already married but have kept your “thing” a secret from your wife for many years, and it’s time to confess, but you don’t know how. Regardless of what your “thing” is, you are secretly insecure about it,  and have some questions about how to move forward, right?

So here’s the deal: As a guy with a healthy sex drive, love for women, and a vivid fetish, I had some serious concerns:

  • I doubted that I’d ever be attractive to a high quality woman
  • How would I break the news to her?
  • I want to be more public about it, but could any woman deal with that?
  • Does it make other people think I’m gay?
  • How will “the guys” react to this?
  • My family would silently freak out and look at me weird from now on if they knew…
  • What will happen to my social life if this ever gets out?
  • How will this affect my professional life? (chances are, it already does – your lack of confidence inevitably detracts from your career)

….and a hundred other related questions.

Sound familiar?

I have worked on this issue for many years.  Though I’m far from perfect, I have made some huge progress. 99% of women I go on dates with know about my fetish before we even go out. A good portion of women initially meet me while I’m wearing them.   6 of the 7 women I’ve been in relationships with over the last several years have not just been supportive of my hosiery fascination – they have encouraged it and loved doing it with me.

Regardless of what your “thing” is, there is one common theme:  You believe it is holding you back from success, and yet, you don’t want to give it up. You are hoping that there must be a way around it.  Am I right?

Here’s the plan:  I’ll be sharing more of my dating / social life experiences as it pertains to my fetish – but the fetish is just a metaphor for whatever your thing is.  I’m offering to let you ride along with me as I work on my “game”, learning lessons from the  “pick up artist / PUA” community, etc, while incorporating my fetish.

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I’ll never share your information with anyone, and I’ll never spam you with crap that you didn’t ask for.


Here’s to many good times –

Paul Duane

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