11377171_10153276476875071_1283030167771018450_nMy purpose is to free the slaves! We live in a world that is saturated with polarized US vs THEM thinking.  Democrats / Republicans. Gays / Straights. Los Angeles Lakers / Utah Jazz.  These artificial distinctions divide and conquer the human family for no good reason. I create media that playfully challenges the status quo. My mediums of choice are images and words.  

I am available for  coaching, speaking, interviewing, and photography assignments nationwide.

Paul Duane
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  1. Attention Paul Duane: I read your bio on Wikipedia and was very impressed with your biography. Since you are a producer and director of films and television as well as you Pail Duane Show. I do not know if you are interested in doing a movie or a documentary about the Flyleaf band, but whether or not you want to do that I would like to offer you a digital copy of my book ‘Flyleaf Spreads’ Their Wings’. It is an incredible story of a band that started out playing small venues to just a few people to playing in huge arenas to thousands of [people. Their music and lyrics are deep, honest, profound, inspirtional, fulfilling and life changing to perhaps a whole generation of people from around the world. Just let me know and I will send you a digital copy of the book and a press release, respectfully, Carl Phelan

  2. Becoming s big fan of yours. Been Listening to your show on the Internet. We got alot in common especially our dress sense although i prefer Hotpants to shorts.

    • Hi there! Thanks for listening, it’s fun to know there are people on the other side of Spaceship Planet Earth who are tuning in!

  3. Love listening to your show and insights and I’m not a huge fan of talk radio but actually find myself looking for your show. Thanks

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