Good afternoon, fellow travelers of Spaceship Planet Earth!  My name is Paul Duane. I create content that challenges the status quo in an entertaining and informative way.  I believe that most people want most of the same things in life. By challenging the artificial differences that unnecessarily divide people, I help build bridges and clear the way for  social progress.

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I grew up in a traditional Mormon home; my irreverent sense of humor never quite gained acceptance.  One of my early memories of my father is that of him teaching me the difference between AM and FM.  I grew up on a steady diet of legendary radio personalities including Paul Harvey, Dr. Demento,  Rush Limbaugh, LoveLine with Adam Carolla & Dr. Drew Pinsky, and more recently, a solid diet of NPR programs. I’ve always had a passion for the well spoken word and it’s power to inspire change in the individual.

Through an eclectic life including an LDS Mission, studying Behavior Analysis at USU, working for the US Postal Service, a career doing nude photography, marriage  / divorce,  fatherhood, involvement in the Burning Man community, doing stand up comedy and successfully building a brand as a cross dresser live talk show show host in one of the most conservative states in America – my traditional past merges with an unconventional view of the present that allows me to engage listeners on both sides to consider an innovative future.

“I had wonderful time on Paul’s shows. What makes it different is there is nothing like it. There’s certainly nothing like it in Utah. And I’ve never seen anything like it anywhere. A live talk show is a fantastic concept. He is the perfect person to do it.”  – Richard Dutcher, filmmaker

“Paul Duane, I am very impressed and inspired with your outlook, ambition and individualist/communal synthesized version of humanity. Like a breath of fresh smoke. I enjoyed the philosophical, poignant, pertinent firmament; intertwined with poetic persuasion at a punk core of going against the grain, I’m sold on your brand.”  – Chris Rognan, listener

“Paul Duane has never been one to keep to the dark corners… so it wasn’t much of a shock to see him start his own talk show—with his own name as the title—and bring some of Utah’s most influential names to chat with him in front of a live audience at The Complex. With its live band for musical accompaniment and a format going back to Carson’s three-guest presentation, the show is only a TV deal away from being the best showcase in town.”  – City Weekly, 2013 Arty Awards

meinstudioThis is not just about the radio show – it’s about spreading a message by showing people a good time.  Near future goals include radio show syndication, video editions of the show, a forthcoming book, and stand up comedy performances.  I’m available for public speaking engagements, event hosting, and interviews nationwide.

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  1. Attention Paul Duane: I read your bio on Wikipedia and was very impressed with your biography. Since you are a producer and director of films and television as well as you Pail Duane Show. I do not know if you are interested in doing a movie or a documentary about the Flyleaf band, but whether or not you want to do that I would like to offer you a digital copy of my book ‘Flyleaf Spreads’ Their Wings’. It is an incredible story of a band that started out playing small venues to just a few people to playing in huge arenas to thousands of [people. Their music and lyrics are deep, honest, profound, inspirtional, fulfilling and life changing to perhaps a whole generation of people from around the world. Just let me know and I will send you a digital copy of the book and a press release, respectfully, Carl Phelan

  2. Becoming s big fan of yours. Been Listening to your show on the Internet. We got alot in common especially our dress sense although i prefer Hotpants to shorts.

    • Hi there! Thanks for listening, it’s fun to know there are people on the other side of Spaceship Planet Earth who are tuning in!

  3. Love listening to your show and insights and I’m not a huge fan of talk radio but actually find myself looking for your show. Thanks

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