Good afternoon, fellow travellers here on Spaceship Planet Earth!  I’m Paul Duane, coming to you from the electrolytic Salt Lake City. The Paul Duane Show is a forum for people who write their own rules. Innovation, creativity, a willingness to buck tradition, a respect for wisdom, and optimism fueled action are hallmarks of The Paul Duane brand.   A little about me:


  • Mormon/returned missionarymeinstudio2
  • USPS Letter Carrier
  • Psychology/Behavior Analysis background
  • husband
  • “nice Guy”
  • stripper (in a past life)
  • lepidopterist


YOUR MOM camp prisoner guards fenceThe world is a concentration camp of ideology and I’m here to to liberate as many slaves as possible. Like Thomas Jefferson,  “I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.” My weapons of choice are sexy things, comedy, and  rock ‘n roll.  I love peanut butter cookies, the band RUSH and Jesus. I challenge social norms, defy expectations and illuminate possibilities with my unique gender-bending style.DSC_2980v2

The Paul Duane Show is the best cocktail party in town, both on the radio and live on stage. Under the surface, you’ll find an army of artists, innovators, leaders and world changers converging to collaborate. Taking inspiration from the late night TV talk show format, the stage show brings together live music, stand up comedy, provocative interviews, great drinks, and an audience that is a who’s who of city life.  On the radio, long form interviews are king as we explore the stories of people who have liberated themselves financially, socially, sexually, spiritually, politically, or some other thing ending in -ly.

I am prepared for public speaking engagements, event hosting, and select photography projects nationwide.

Let’s do this-

Paul Duane
office: 801 994 6960
email: use form below





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  1. Becoming s big fan of yours. Been Listening to your show on the Internet. We got alot in common especially our dress sense although i prefer Hotpants to shorts.

    • Hi there! Thanks for listening, it’s fun to know there are people on the other side of Spaceship Planet Earth who are tuning in!

  2. Love listening to your show and insights and I’m not a huge fan of talk radio but actually find myself looking for your show. Thanks

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