One in every party

Virtually every time I go out dressed up like this….

…. I will get compliments. There are always a few girls that will come up to me and say how much they love it. But, there is always some overtly straight guy will make it a point to express how much he really really likes my outfit. “No, man, like… I mean, I REALLY like it…”   They say it takes one to know one, and that holds true. These guys are closeted fetishists, themselves.  They are obviously delighted to see someone doing what they fantasize about doing themselves.

A couple of weeks ago I was at Metro, one of my favorite clubs in SLC. I, of course, was dressed up kind of like you see here.  I was chatting up a cute girl, and within a few minutes of that conversation starting, she was telling me to take her number down.  John then suggested that he and I do lunch the next day. Over lunch, he confessed his deep dark secret to me: he has a panty fetish.  He has only shared this personal detail with 2 people- myself and the woman that became his ex wife.  It’s always an honor to be trusted with what someone considers to be their own kryptonite.

Feed Me With Teeth concert

Feed Me With Teeth live in Salt Lake City

Last night, I was shooting the Feed Me With Teeth concert at The Complex.  Jessica is often at The Complex for concerts. We’ve hung out a few times, and we decided to get together after the show. I walked back to my place and changed into my heels, pantyhose, dress shirt and tie – and we hit the road. Jessica loved it. “I love that you love wearing that”, “I love that you like how it feels”, “You look hot!”, she would say, while running her hand up and down my silk encased leg.  We ended up gathering a few of her friends – belligerently drunken dudes – and going back to her place.   Let’s call them Tim and Jim. “Faggot!” “Stupid ass fucker” “you’re so gay, I’m gonna kick your ass”, were just a few of the phrases catapulting out of their drunken pie holes at each other in the back seat.  Though I’ve no interest in cock, myself… these guys are obviously thinking about it a lot and mostly in a pejorative sense.  The uninitiated often wonder if I’m gay, and I was pretty sure that these drunken idiots would be just that simple minded.  I was less than thrilled to have them along for the evening, but I’m not going to let people like that make or break my plans.

We get back to Jessica’s place, and within a few minutes, Tim has passed out and is snoring soundly on her bed.  Jessica, Jim and I then proceed to have a low key chat for the next few hours. What I’m wearing doesn’t come up much, but when it does, it’s all Jim:  “Dude, you have really great legs”, “I like that look”, and when it was time to go, “Hey, you really rocked that look well. You should keep doing it. Really, I dig it. I’m serious”.

If Jim were a cute girl, it would have felt like she was flirting with me.

Jim, however, is married. His wife is home asleep. She thinks Jim is out camping with the guys.  I wonder what she would think if she knew he was  relaxing  in the bedroom of a very beautiful, sexy girl, smoking weed and giving compliments to a dude wearing pantyhose…

There’s one in every party.


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