masturbate your way to success

Masturbation and the Law of attraction – it’s worth talking about.  This is the part that  was left out of uber-irritating movie “The Secret”.  One key to “the secret” is this: whatever you put emotional energy AND physical work into, is very, very very likely to happen, if you do it consistently. In all matters of creation, there are two parts:  An idea stage, and a physical construction stage. The blue print comes before the contractor.  The spiritual creation preceeds the physical manifestation.

Let us consider what you did when you woke up this morning:  When you beat off to an idea, you are putting tremendous emotional and psychic energy into a vision.  You are also putting a particular kind of physical energy into it.  Orgasm is a culmination of physical, neurological, emotional and spiritual creative energies.  It’s power ought not be discounted. Beating off on the sofa is not enough to transmute energy into form in the tangible world, however.
I believe this is why Farah Fawcet, Cindy Crawford, Pamela Anderson, and…. let’s see… something for my younger readers and really creepy old readers: Selena Gomez –  have not had sex with most of the world’s male population.  They have not done the work necessary to attract and manifest such a reality into their world.
The spiritual creation is the first part. Beating off to an idea is a wonderful and necessary first step.
During your refractory period, this is where you make plans.  This golden 3 minutes of clarity is a gift , do not squander it.  Have a note pad close to your masturbation station. Wipe your hand off, grab a pen, and start making notes about the specific steps you will need to take in order to ACTUALLY DO the thing you just whacked off about.
Go wash your hands.
Get dressed.
Have a turkey croissant sandwich and a coke.
Now go out and DO some of the things that are on your blessed refractory list.
What?  You can’t fly to France to give Johnny Depp a hand job in his french country side chateau?  Begin acting on a daily basis in a way that is congruent with someone who COULD do that. Do better at work.  Get a raise.  Cut out unnecessary expenses and invest the freed up cash so your financial situation will progress.  Dress better.  Associate with people who travel more than you do.   Hook up with your neighbor that looks like Johnny Depp and give him a hand job just for practice*
Keep this kind of thing up, and amazing doorways will open.

* Make sure your wife knows about this and is willing to video tape you doing it.

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