Soooo unprofessional

SHIT.I got off work late.  I have to hurry.

I have a shoot tonight with a new model that I’ve never met. It’s going to be a nude shoot for both of us to add to our portfolios. She’s going to be here in 45 minutes. Fuck.  My apartment and studio are a mess.  I have to clean up fast as a motherfucker just so that she’ll feel vaguely comfortable here.

My place has 3 floors.

Basement: my bedroom and office.

Main floor: living room /gallery area and kitchen

2nd floor: my modest photography studio

My first priorities:

– do the dishes, make the stink go away

– clean the bathroom so she’s not grossed out to simply use the facilities

– sweep the studio floor so that when she’s walking around barefoot, she doesn’t get shit all over her feet.

Cleaning my bedroom was totally irrelevant.  I have never met this model before. This is PURELY business, a professional appointment between 2 professionals. She will not be down here for any reason, and it’s worth noting that I’m tempted to say that she’s out of my league.  I leave my bedroom and office a complete fucking disaster.

She arrives for the shoot. I knew she was pretty, based on her online portfolio. Her texts were a bit hard to read into, I really had no clue what kind of person I was going to be dealing with.  I was a bit suprised at just how HOT she was. An exotic beauty – part itallian, part mexican. All things considered, ethincally indeterminate, but definitely HOT.

We had some pizza and beer before  shooting; we both had just got off work  and were hungry. She was complimentary of my place, and my glasses and hair. I blew it off as niceties to help start up a productive photo shoot. It was clearly established before we met that this was going to be a nude shoot.  She talked about her goals of shooting with Playboy, and that they had already contacted her about some possible modeling.

We did a few different outfits, each one slowly coming off in a strip tease fashion. When her plump, perky breasts first emerged from her bra, my heart raced.  When her panties finally slid down her legs, the most beautiful, perfectly smooth flower emerged, and I struggled for words.

I HATE photographers that try to put the moves on their models. These bastards make it very difficult for me to get good models in for legitimate shoots.  They are tired of photographers trying to get into thier pants.  Two nights ago, I had a meeting with Chelsey, a gorgeous model who is going to pose for Blood and Sins. Our meeting was supposed to run 30 min, but ended up going almost 3 hours. We didn’t even talk about the shoot much. We just had a great time chatting… and the whole time she was putting out indicators of interest. I blew them off, and just labelled her a kiss-ass in my mind.

Back to the shoot… after we had done our second set, she tells me that she’s become very wet, that she’s getting very turned on posing for me. What do I say to that??

“That’s good”.

….and back to business.  I just really didn’t know how to respond to that.  I’ve never been in a situation quite like this.  We start up our 3rd set.  I notice a few dark spots on the grey background paper where she has been standing.

Good God almightly…. she was not kidding. Pussy drippings.  Holy shit. Must.  Keep. This. Professional.

We prepare for another set. She’s wearing a tiny little black vest. She comments on how good the fabric feels on her nipples and wants me to feel it. I’m not quite sure what she’s getting at here, so I feel the fabric a little bit and don’t quite touch her nipples (which are GLORIOUS, I must add).  Of course I’m extremely attracted to her, but I’m here to be professional and to do my very best work as a photographic craftsman.  In this set, she’ll also be wearing some stockings. She is slow and sensual about this. As she removes them from the package, she looks at them in the low, glowing light of my studio light. “ooooh, these feel so good….”.  She sniffs them. (for the uninitiated, nylon stockings straight out of the package have a unique, remarkable scent).  She stars to slide one foot in… “ooooh, these feel SO good!”  Once they are both on her legs, she runs her hands along her legs, dragging her finger tips along, mesmerized by the tactile sensation of the sheer nylon / lycra yarns on her smooth, sexy legs.   “I love this! They feel soooo good, like I’m on a cloud. I could sleep in these”.

We stand up to look at a few more images on my camera. She comes in very close. She gives me a compliment that I don’t remember, honestly. She kisses me on the cheek.

This is not going to end professionally.

I turn to look her in the eyes, and she promptly kisses me on the lips, and we begin making out rather vigorously. Between long, deep kisses, she tells me that from the moment she saw me, she was very attracted to me. To be very honest, I was quite surprised. This girl literally has her pick of any man. She regularly turns down my friend Omeid, who is the sexiest, most frequently fucked man in salt lake city. I am certain of this.    And here she is making out with me, half naked.

To make a longer story short… we end up making out a lot. I tell her that I was in no way planning on such a thing, and that I’m feeling a tad conflicted, as I felt it important to keep it professional. I didn’t want to be “that photographer”.  She assured me that she was not planning on it either, that this hit her by suprise too.  We make out more. I suck on her perfectly formed breasts. She moans, her pelvis searching for something to thrust itself upon. I insist w e shoot more, and push her away. We shoot a few more sets, but eventually I end up between her legs, licking that perfect part of her that so closely resembles a calla lilly. She did cum. 3 times, and my tongue was utterly pleased to be there for it.  There is something about a particularly beautiful pussy that just beckons me to taste it, and such was hers.

5 minutes before she had to leave, we were making out again. We were standing near a wall in my studio. My pants fell, her leg raised, her back pressed against the wall, and I entered her, kissing her deeply.  I did not last long, and I think considering the timing of her ride, that was quite alright.

As she was getting dressed and gathering her things, she told me that she’s the spokes model for one of Playboy’s new products, as well as being a promotional model for Dr. John’s lingerie stores.  THAT is the kind of girl we are talking about.

Frankly, before today, I thought girls like this were possible in my future… you know, after I lost a few pounds, got some new shoes, whatever. I did not believe that they were a possibility for me NOW. There was something safe and reassuring about the indeterminate future. I suppose it’s better than believing they are NEVER possible – and believe me, there as a time in my life when I never would have thought this possible. Tonight altered my reality slightly by proving to me that I can be irresistibly attractive NOW, even to playboy models.

Just think of what will happen when I lose 25 lbs and get some awesome new shoes….

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Paul Duane is a photographer, writer, and talk show host based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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