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miracles when it feels mundane

Its 5am, I lay awake in bed, for the muse has arrived. I hope I’ll be able to communicate this delicate idea. Let me know if you can relate: I’ve ...
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Hugh Hefner

Hefner, Creativity, and the Purpose of Life

One hot summer day in the desert, my friend Adam and I happened upon a camp offering refreshments of the palate and the eyes: delicious, ice cold cocktails, tea, and ...
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He said it like a man who had worked hard all day in the heat and was being offered a tall glass of perfectly chilled ice water. She said it ...
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What does God think of your Facebook Thoughts and Prayers?

Virtue Signaling: ever heard of it? How many times do you see people post something that - if you pay close attention - is crafted to advertise to the world ...
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Burning Man 2017

Memories from Burning Man 2017. Trying to explain what Burning Man is, visually, or with words, is like peeping through a pinhole at the night sky and trying to describe ...
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Radical Self Reliance: thoughts from Burning Man 2015

It's Burning Man season! Be warned: This is all I'll be talking about until mid Feb 2018. With that, let's get on to tonight's thought: There are a lot of ...
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Cafe Busted

I give to you a tale of coffee, heartbreak, and healing: We had a love that started fast and brought the promise of forever - She was a twin flame, a ...
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Chris Cornell (1964 – 2017)

The Seattle grunge scene of the 90's was a huge, formative part of my teens and musical upbringing. Few voices are more symbolic of it than Chris Cornell's. Nevertheless, I ...
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Building Man 2017

A few photos and thoughts from Building Man 2017 at Jenkstar Ranch in Green River, Utah: Tonight our tribe will dance to pulsing anthems of modernity, fueled by electrons harvested ...
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Two kinds of giving up, two different paths

Swiping left and right as a 40 yr old dude is interesting business. I'm open to dating a rather wide range of ages. It's an interesting vantage point to observe ...
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A Mormon Family that Drinks Together, Stays Together

I was born of goodly Mormon parents. Sometimes, it takes getting drunk around them to realize just how good they are. When I call myself the "Crossdressing Mormon Anarchist", I'm ...
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holga black and white film street photography

What is keeping you from your greatest potential?

I get asked a lot, "How can I live a more authentic life?"  I'd like to guide you through a short thought experiment that will open the door to finding ...
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Q&A: Halloween, Straight guys and Dresses

Time for some Crossdresser Q&A: David from Provo writes: "I'm a straight white married mormon guy. I’m well respected at home, at work, and at church. Even though I’m straight, ...
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Happy International Podcast Day!

It's International Podcast Day! My journey as a podcaster started back in my mailman days:   Delivering the mail means 10 - 12 hours / day of putting paper that ...
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The Power of Words

It's happening! Your biggest dreams. Your worst nightmares. America is getting better. America is getting worse. You are about to meet the love of your life. You are unlovable. Whatever ...
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Utah State Senator Mark Madsen, now a Libertarian

Senator Mark Madsen leaves GOP for Libertarian Party

It's a good day in the Freedom movement, my friends. Utah Senator Mark Madsen held a press conference to announce that he's leaving the Republican Party and officially changing his ...
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America’s Gun Problem

As the Crossdressing Mormon Anarchist, I have a few things to say about America and it's gun problem: ...
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Taboo Topics, Social Media and a Pretty Girl

I've been feeling the wind start to shift for a while now. That shift is becoming more apparent.  A few days ago, I posted a photo from a recent shoot on ...
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Trust The Process

One of my favorite creative projects lately is a series of short comedy pieces, as The Crossdressing Mormon Anarchist, for a local radio station's morning show.  I've been tasked with ...
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remain sovereign in heart and mind

Are the tragedies of today an engineered conspiracy? It doesn't matter - the question itself is a distraction from a deeper truth: Do you ever play Chess or Poker or ...
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