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It’s been an interesting year to be a Mormon.  The excommunication of Kate Kelly from and the impending excommunications of other church members who are publicly questioning the status quo (John Dehlin, Alan Rock Waterman, and others) have shaken many people’s faith.  Many have questions about what it means to be a gay Latter-day Saint, with few comforting answers.  The Church’s oblique statements on why Blacks were denied the Priesthood for so long and the recent official confession that

Bill Hicks, 20 years gone.

Bill_Hicks-left in love

Today is the 20th anniversary of the passing of legendary comedian Bill Hicks.  I’ve been contemplating his life today and wanted to revel in the spirit of his legacy for a few minutes. Bill Hicks is one of the main people that inspired me to take up stand up comedy (which is what led to the creation of The Paul Duane Show). I feel a certain solemnity – not a sadness, but a deep reverence, even a presence, as I

Trestin’s Super Sexy Beach Body Diet Plan!


A few weeks ago, Utah was sent spinning into the national spotlight as a federal judge cleared the way for gay marriage to happen in the uber conservative state. It’s been since put on hold while the SCOTUS evaluates the case.  During the few days that all human beings, regardless of their chromosomes, were able to enter into a marriage contract with one another in Utah, a man named Trestin Meacham decided to go on a hunger strike in an

2013 Arty Award


The Paul Duane Show has been awarded a City Weekly 2013 Arty Award for “Best Talk Show”! This is a really cool piece of recognition.  Here’s what City Weekly had to say: Best Talk Show The Paul Duane Show  Paul Duane has never been one to keep to the dark corners; even as a photographer, he was best known for sporting a pair of heels and a skirt at photo shoots. So it wasn’t much of a shock to see